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Sports Field Stadium Lighting

Powko Light Towers

The Equinox™

Wide Area: Portable Field-Court-Stadium Style Lighting Series

This is the first and only unit of this kind. For large areas in need of total illumination, our 16 light (1000 watt metal halide fixtures) 20KW Equinox is the best substitute for the sun. With this powerful light source, you can go from football, soccer, baseball fields, or even sandy beaches. Unit options include a tandem axle trailer with sturdy outrigger stability along with 70 acres of light on the site. Generators up to 45KW available and higher watt fixtures also available.


PLT2016P 20KW  
PLT3016P 30KW  

Types of Portable Sports Lights: Stadium/Field/Court Lighting Offered

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The Equinox has become the hottest sports field lighting choice. A light tower really is an athlete's best friend. Today's best rated light tower can do anything your lighting demands require--football, soccer, or baseball field lighting, you can do it all with The Equinox!

And you can do it while paying less, and being mobile at the same time, with out worry about those bulky expensive poles, and hard to reach light bulbs. Darkness in the sports world doesn't exist when you think of the range, tempo, and distance The Equinox and their team is willing to go, to satisfy all your sports field lighting needs...

Purchasing - Football, soccer, or even baseball field lights can be very confusing but with the help from one of our light management reps, you should be able to make an informed decision based on price and feature evaluation and by studying our sports field light tower reviews! Call Right Now, and let us put you in contact with one of our customer references...

Choosing - The right sports field lighting is getting harder than ever. The best rated sports field light now offered by a brand name you can come to trust, Powko! Check out their new portable sports field lighting series! The Equinox has improved its stability and controls, while still offer a dazzling variety of football, soccer, or baseball field lighting features...

Portability - If you lack space is one of the reasons you are yet to invest in serious outdoor recreational sports field lighting, never fear because help is at hand! We are the ideal people to help out...We specialize in highly mobile, space saving, less bulky portable lighting equipment!

Mobility - This powerful machine can collapse to allow for easy storage meaning you can use the space and energy saved for other things when lighting isnt required.

Interested in The Equinox yet? The normal conventional sports field lights can't live up to all the type that is produced by this monster of a machine. Known for being able to light up forty acres at one time, while still maintaining its portability, has made it the leading substitute for all permanent sports stadium, field, and court lights! Its was originally designed for the military, and recently was released to the public to help out certain industrial needs...Now taking the whole sports field lighting aspect to the next level, its available to you at factory direct prices with next day shipping!

Rodeo Arena & Sports Field Lighting - Need to be durable, reliable, portable, stable, easy to use, and feature tons of outdoor sports field lighting options? Check out the workouts that have been completed with this ultimate light tower on some of the most varying levels!

Take your sports field lighting to the next level and go portable light tower shopping! Before you set out though, a word of caution. Our portable sports expo lights are expensive and complex. A bad buying decision could leave you with one more expensive interactive option left to rot in your shop! Talk with one of our trained reps, and let them help you make a good qualified decision! Contact Us

Your Portable Stadium: Football, Soccer, or Baseball Field Lighting Source the leading source for portable sports field stadium style light towers specializing in diesel sports field stadium style lighting. We bring with us over 10 years of supreme experience as a portable sports field stadium light supplier. We have a reputation in recreational-event stadium style light tower industry for developing and maintaining the most competitive prices, product availability, and superior knowledge. Great for baseball, soccer, football and all outdoor expo events! has proven over and over again that they supply quality motor sports field stadium lights worldwide. We also understand the urgency of deadlines and have the capability to produce quotes in an hour or less. Contact Us now! has an impeccable track record which has made it easy for them to maintain its reputation as the leading expo event sports field stadium style light tower source. Custom mobile sports field stadium style lighting, no problem, you can get access to the finest assortment of industrial football field stadium style portable lights, all of which are available for direct shipment worldwide.

We will also provide you with product recommendations and industry consultations to ensure you have the right product for your application. Our in-house experts are standing by to provide you with this information. We take pride in the quality of our soccer field recreational-event stadium style lights. Whether it be our custom baseball field recreational-event stadium style light towers, or standard outdoor sports field event stadium style light towers, we will guarantee the best pricing, highest quality, and quickest response time known to our industry. With all of our recreational sports field stadium style light towers we offer factory direct pricing and instant availability. In an industry where time is paramount, we give you time benefits with the instantaneous delivery of your order.

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Warranty Responsibility: It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to ask for, thoroughly read, and understand the light tower warranty prior to purchasing equipment. Failure to read and comprehend the warranty policy does not expose Powko Industries, LLC to any liabilities over and above the stated warranty bond. If you have any questions or need clarification of warranty details please contact or call technical support at 866.609.6379