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In addition to Light Tower Parts, has one of the largest selections of Light Towers and Mobile Genterators in the market and with the same low pricing we are famous for.

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Don't get stuck out in the field without your recommended parts list or service kits that helps keep your equipment up and running at full power! offers service kits and recommended parts list for every light tower brand & model on the market.
Save Time and Money

By ordering our service kits and spare parts for all of your fleet, you can save time and money on the job site. This will allow all your equipment to run at its full capability at peak performance day in and day out! Routine maintenance is the essential to assure your equipment stands up to the rigors of daily job site needs...

Parts Offered

Light Tower Bulbs | Light Tower Ballasts | Light Tower Capacitors | Light Tower Ballast Boxes | Light Tower Cords | Light Tower Winches | Light Tower Lens | Light Tower Cables | Light Tower Breakers | Light Tower Jacks | Light Tower Oil Filters | Light Tower Air Filters | Light Tower Belts | Light Tower Gaskets | Light Tower Hoses | Light Tower Switches | Light Tower Plugs | Light Tower Fuel Tanks | Light Tower Relays | Light Tower Keys | Light Tower Service Kits | Light Tower Replacement Parts | Light Tower Oval Light Fixtures | Light Tower Round Light Fixtures | Light Tower Square Light Fixtures | Light Tower Complete Fixtures | 1000 Watt Metal Halide Bulbs | 1000 Watt Metal Halide Ballasts | 1000 Watt Metal Halide Complete Fixtures | Stadium Style Light Bulbs

Light Towers Serviced (Series and Model Break Down)

Magnum Light Towers: 1000 Series | 2000 Series | 3000 Series | 4000 Series | 5000 Series | Combination Series: MLT 3060, MLT 3080, MLT 4060, MLT 4080, MLT 4150, MLT 4200, MLT 4250, MLT 5060, MLT 5080, MLT 5150, MLT 5200, MLP 10001, MLP 20002, MTT 20, MTT 25 ****We sell and service every part for this light tower.

Genie/Terex Light Towers: RL 4000 Series | AL 4000 Series | AL 5000 Series | AL 8000 Series: RL 4000, AL 4000, AL 5000, AL 8000 | TML4000 | TML4000N ****We sell and service every part for this light tower

Coleman Light Tower: Rite Lite Standard Duty | RL4000 | MH4000 | MH4000RDKH | MH4000RL | MH4000SL | MA4000RL | LSA325 | MH4000KH Coleman Rite Lite Standard Duty Light Tower - the Coleman RL 4000 provides cost effective mobile, trailer-mounted floodlighting for nighttime maintenance, construction, mining and emergency municipal work. 4000 watts of light illuminates 5-7 acres. Dual self braking winch design easily and quickly raises 30' (9.2 m) rotating tower. Quiet operation, as low as 71 dBA at 23' (7m).****We sell and service every part for this light tower.

Amida Light Tower: Heavy Duty | Internal Star | Premier Hydraulic | AL 4000 | AL 5000 | LT7000 Amida Series 4000 Heavy Duty Light Tower - the AL 4000 has been engineered to meet the specific needs of the construction industry and is particularly popular for rental applications because of its safe, rugged design. It is a full-sized, 30' (9.2 m) extended height, floodlighting tower that is easy to move by hand. Tower is galvanized and 360° rotatable for easy aiming of floodlights from the ground. Plug-in wiring and convenient duplex outlet are other operational features.

Amida Series 5000 Internal Storage Light Tower - the most advanced winch-operated light tower on the market. The AL 5000 consists of a heavy-duty trailer, four to six floodlights and a 8 kw diesel-driven generator set. Self-braking, erecting and extending hand-operated winch is mounted inside the cabinet. Storage racks for light fixtures are also inside cabinet. Plug in ballasts and duplex outlets contribute to ease of maintenance and operation.

Amida LT 7000 Premier Hydraulic Light Tower - the top of Amida's line of flood-lighting systems, the LT 7000 consists of a 30' (9.1m) hydraulically-operated tower and four to six floodlights, an acoustical enclosure and a diesel engine driven generator set. Centralized control panel and optional diagnostic center make operation and trouble-shooting easier and more efficient. "Gull wing" design cabinet makes unit easy to service. ****We sell and service every part for this light tower

Ingersoll Rand Light Tower: L6 | L8 | L20 | L6-4MH | L8-4MH Portable Power's Ingersoll Rand light towers are built with the professional-grade reliability and durability you require. Our light towers feature dependable engines, a brighter, larger coverage area, and protective reflector housings with tempered glass. If your workday doesn't end, or if your event heats up after the sun goes down, then you need to put the power of Portable Power's light towers to work for you. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Allmand Light Tower: Maxi Lite | ML6 |ML7.5 | ML8 | ML15 | ML20| ML30 | Nite Lite Pro NL6 | NL7.5 | NL8 | V-Series | Pow'r Lite | 695| 895 | 883XL | 6330 | 8330 | 15330 | 20330 Allmand's SHO-HD Lighting System, with 600,000 lumens of lighting power standard on all domestic Allmand Light Towers, produces more light, illuminates more area, and produces a whiter, more accurate light than any other light tower in it's class. Find out how Allmand's Maxi Lite light towers will better illuminate your work site, and compare our towers to the competition!

The Allmand Night-Lite PRO series of portable light towers offers quality lighting at a reasonable price for a wide variety of projects.The Night-Lite PRO comes with Allmand's durable SHO lighting system as standard equipment. The SHO parallel lamp fixtures provide up to 50-percent more light than competitive units. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Baldor Light Tower: PL6000K | PL6000L Baldor's -compact mobile light tower provides 4000 watts of light anywhere you need it: Construction, Emergency, Industrial, Mining, Civil Engineering and Event Lighting. With metal-halide lamps the Baldor POW'R LITE models will provide light coverage for over 7 acres. Each model is powered by a Baldor 6000 watt light tower generator, which is designed for a compact and efficient installindexation. POW'R LITE light towers are powered by the dependable Kubota diesel engine. A 50-gallon fuel tank provides for 100-hours of operation. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Kipor Light Tower: IG3000 | IGLB3000 | IG6000 | KLTD11000T | KLTD8000T | KLBG3500TI | KLT1000 | KLTD8000T applies parallel lamp structures is more efficient than competitive lighting systems and provides up to 50% more light output. In addition, the unique top structure of the lamp container directs up to 10% of previously wasted skyward light to the work site. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Winco Light Tower: MLS4Y | MLS4L | Winco's Mobile Light Tower MLS4L is the sister mobile light tower model to Winco mobile light tower MLS4Y. Both are popular mobile light tower units offered by Winco, with really the only difference between them being the engine. The Wincomobile light tower MLS4L is a 6,000watt generator powered by a 18000 rpm diesel, engine made by Lister. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Mobilight Light Towers: MOBI-KL3 | MOBI-KL4 | 17KVA | 20KVA Mobilight light towers are five-times brighter and illuminate an area three times the distance of the typical elliptical floodlights found on competing mobile light towers. One Mobilight tower operating three floodlights provides more than one square Kilometer (.6 mile) of light coverage.

The output from one Mobilight light tower is equivalent to light produced from three competing lights towers combined. Mobilight light towers outlast the competitions due to their rugged construction, durable powder-coat finish, and first-rate components. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Power Tower Light Tower: PT4000 Power Tower® portable lighting towers are built to withstand western Canada's severe operating conditions. If you need reliability, durability, operating economy and versatility combined in a superior, field proven unit, look to PowerTower™

Most lighting towers are designed for use in urban settings such as roadsides, airports or building construction sites. Power Tower® machines will easily handle these tasks and they will outperform competitive machines in the more demanding conditions found in oilfield, pipeline and mining applications. PowerTower® offers better flexibility and value.

Versatile PowerTower™ portable light towers can be configured to provide up to 25kWe* of electrical power for better machine utilization. This electrical power generating capability is available with a variety of distribution options to tailor the machine to your specific needs. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Wacker Light Towers: LTW 6K | LTW 8K | LTW 6Z | LT4Z/LTP 4Z | LTW 4Z/LTWP 4Z | LT 4K/LTP 4K | LTW 4K/LTWP 4K | LTW 20Z | LTC4L | LTC4C Portable light towers Heavy duty, compact, trailer mounted wacker light towers designed for one person setup and operation in construction, commercial, industrial jobs and applications where reliable lighting is required. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Multiquip Light Towers: LT12D | MLTDA7 | MLT-SDW7 | MLT | GB114BC | GB113BC | GB114BW These light tower's modular design allows the operator to easily change the tower, lights and even power source in a matter of only minutes. Combined with Multiquip's diesel-powered multi-purpose welder generator with CC and CV welding capability. It boasts 100% duty cycle at 200 amps, outstanding arc characteristics, and produces 7kW as an AC generator and 225 amps as a welder. Power the lights, use equipment, and weld all in one. Perfect addition to any jobsite. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Power Manufacturing Light Towers: LH403053 | LL2000 ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Wanco Light Towers: WLTC Series | EU Series Not just another light tower, Wanco light towers use state-of-the-art technology to achieve superior illumination - exceeding government regulations for worksite illumination. With four 1000-watt light fixtures atop a 30-foot variable-height mast, Wanco light towers shine a uniform light pattern across the entire job site. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Allight Light Towers: MS4.5KM | MS4.5K9 | MS6K9 | MS7.5K9 | MS9K10 | MS12K10 | MS Super Light Versatile and flexible, the Nightshifters 4000 and 6000 are ready to shine in just about any application. The Australian designed and engineered towers are the newest addition to Allight's mobile lighting range and incorporate leading edge technology, and modern features unique in the industry.

The Nightshifter range of towers is clean, efficient and environmentally driven, with highest level emission compliant engines, and reduced carbon footprints through their innovative and forward-thinking engineering. The compact towers are designed with transport in mind; with a compact frame, retractable drawbar, and articulated space-saver mast design on hydraulic towers, the units are styled for a modular fit in standard shipping containers and trucks.

Urban Lights - Bright Lights, Big City: with four 1000W metal halide lights, light tilt and 360 degree mast rotation, the Urban Light delivers powerful illumination to the exact location required, lighting road works, freeways, construction sites, events and wherever strong, reliable lighting is needed in the city and beyond.

Mine Series - Allight has designed the Mine Spec range of Mobile Lighting Towers to cater for lighting projects that require strength, reliability, and easy maintenance.

Allight's Mine Spec Series is unique in its standard features, and versatile in its available options. In mechanical or hydraulic options, with three, four, five or six lights, the Allight Mine Spec Series Mobile Lighting Towers are available in skid or trailer mounted configurations, with 9m or 10m masts. Delivering high end operational features and highwall overhang capability on hydraulic models, Mine Spec Series towers are designed to direct the light wherever required with effortless one-person operation via integrated control panel. Hydraulic features include double acting rams, safety lock valves on critical functions and safety micro switches.

Super Skid Series - Robust, durable, heavy duty towers to Mine specification, Allight's Super Skid Series mobile lighting towers are designed to withstand the most challenging and rigorous mining conditions. The Skid base allows the towers to be secure and stable in any situation and provides for overhang capabilities. With fully hydraulic operational controls and powerful light output ranging from 15,000 to 24,000 Watts. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.

SX Series - In response to specific customer requirements, Allight has developed the SX Series: built especially for semi-permanent or permanent installations for long-term mining and resources projects. High wall overhang capabilities and wide light coverage in open pits ranging from 12,000 to 24,000 Watts make additional lighting unnecessary and allow for more space on the pit's work area. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

TCP Light Towers: Hylite 1300KQ | Hylite 1800KQ TCP - is perhaps best known for the Terex Amida range of metal halide mobile lighting towers but in 2004 the company lifted the wraps from its very own design aimed at the premium end of the market.

The new TCP light tower model draws much of its design input from the in-depth experience gained by TCP's engineers over recent years and, for example, features a galvanized T-bar chassis, a unique 9.1m hexagonal mast system which is hydraulically raised and an ability to operate a total of four or six 1000 watt metal halide lamps. Power is provided by an interchangeable generator of up to 22 kVA output which is capable of providing outstanding light coverage as well as an abundance of auxiliary power.

The Hylite portable lighting tower has dominated the market for portable lighting towers for many years. The unique Hylite hydraulic system lifts the mast effortlessly from the horizontal travel position and then up to its full 9m height by a simple push button operation. The design of this portable lighting tower has been developed and proved reliable as a result of many years of field operations throughout the world. ***We only offer after market parts for this light tower

Your Complete Light Tower Parts Source is the leading source for portable 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts specializing in diesel light tower parts. We bring with us over 10 years of supreme experience as a 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts supplier. We have a reputation in the mobile light tower parts industry for developing and maintaining the most competitive prices, product availability, and superior knowledge. has proven over and over again that they supply quality 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts worldwide. We also understand the urgency of deadlines and have the capability to produce quotes in an hour or less. Contact Us now! has an impeccable track record which has made it easy for them to maintain its reputation as the leading 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts source. Custom light tower parts, no problem, you can get access to the finest assortment of industrial 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts, all of which are available for direct shipment worldwide.

We will also provide you with product recommendations and industry consultations to ensure you have the right product for your application. Our in-house experts are standing by to provide you with this information. We take pride in the quality of our 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts. We will guarantee the best pricing, highest quality, and quickest response time known to our industry. With all of our 6kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, & 30kw light tower parts we offer factory direct pricing and instant availability. In an industry where time is paramount, we give you time benefits with the instantaneous delivery of your order.

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